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abstract art, merits of journal
adrenaline tragedy 5-26-04
adrift 3-18-04
Alpenglow colors, capturing journal
April, 1999 journal
Artist 4 a week 9-21-04
Art Competition, journal
Art siren song 11-27-01
Art versus TV 8-27PM-99
Artist statement
Artist block, breaking 6-11-99


back scratch machine 8-23-99
Belfair Salt Marsh, painting
beating traffic 8-26-00
Birdie runs for freedom 5-29-99
Blacktide, Joshua Tree 5.7, photo
blizzard, lost in 1-21-02
blood bank 8-7-99
bicycle fatality: Larry 4-21-05
Boston Harbor, kayaking rich waters 6-1-99
BMX Jumping, journal
Bridges, thumbnails
broadband, finally! 11-20-05
brother, mine 11-23-01
budget crisis 12-6-05
Bud Miller, Serenity Crack, photo
bum, 10 bucks 4 a 5-3-03
buying used cars 4-22-01


Canary, 5.8, Leavenworth, photo
career change? 11-1-00
Church, Tacoma First Presbyterian, painting
cigarettes kill 4-25-02
city painting onlookers 7-20-03
climbing, big fall 8-18-00
climbing, bonfire 2-20-04
climbing, bliss 7-29-05
climbing, caught in rain 6-21-05
climbing photos, thumbnails
climbing poetry 9-8-99
climbing, raw panic 8-31-03
climbing with women 6-27-05
climbing, Smith 5-26-02
climbing, Smith 2-17-03
climbing, tragic fall 2-22-04
Clint, drawing 4-12-03
college, accepted 8-20-99
colleges, WA. list of
college, signing up for tech school 6-27-99
computer crash 8-6-99
conversations at the easel journal
cousin Marcus journal


Dad, sands of time 2-21-01
working Day Shift, journal
Morning fog at Pt. Defiance, painting
dead stereo 8-7-99
depression, journal
doghouse, in the 1-17-02
dogs and trampled dreams 4-30-05
Dogs of war11-12-00
Drawing Hands, journal
Dreaming of Trumpets, painting
Duck bank still life series #1, painting
Duck #2 (from back), painting
dysfunction 8-11-99
divorce & marriage 3-15-99


Ecola State Park, looking at Cannon Beach, painting
climbers on the Emmons Glacier, photo


fame, my 15 minutes 3-18-05
slave to fashion journal
father&son art 3-3-03
Fired!, journal
morning fog at Joshua Tree, photo
flash 4, handmade press
friend in need, journal
Forbidden Peak, before the epic, photo
Fox Island bridge, painting


God, my religious friends 4-27-02
graduation party 8-18-00
graphics tablet, 8-21-01
My Gremlin in JT, 240,000 miles, one engine photo
My Martin and I, 1979
guitar, my Martin 1-28-03
gun, drawn in color, painting
gun,drawn in pencil, drawing


hippie stories 1-15-2000


injured press 9-3-99


Joshua Tree, California
printing versus web design 11-30-02


kayak, 5 days on Hood Canal 9-4-05
kids, paying for college 10-16-05


laid off 1-2-02
lighthouse, Yaquina Head, painting
Limited Edition Prints, journal
long fall 8-18-00
life saved 1-13-02
locked journal 5-25-02
lost in blizzard 1-21-02


macho meltdown 9-14-99
Marriage and divorce, an essay

missionary ancestors11-25-01
movie star, me? 3-18-05

Meneire's Disease:
a recovery story
  1. The first attack 6-8-99
  2. The diagnosis 6-12-99
  3. MRI & a dog 10-10-99
  4. The suppository pill 10-16-99
  5. suppository failure 11-11-99
  6. Ginger pills, 4 week remission 11-27-99
  7. Back to stay? Van Gogh and I  1-13-00
  8. The patch 2-15-00
  9. Off the patch 3-21-00
  10. Stabilization 4-29-00
minidisc case photo
mouse, precision 12-9-00
Mt. Rainier, stories about painting on location, journal
Mt. Rainier paintings thumbnails


night rollerblading, living on the edge journal
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge easel places


oil spill, dad's manuscript journal
Old City Hall, Tacoma painting
old friend surfaces 1-19-04
old friend dies 11-23-03
Olympia, easel places
Oregon coast 7-31-99


Painting on location journal
    see also journal
painting mud 6-9-03
pencil, drawing a still life 6-24-99
Printing, too much of the Komori 5-25-99
Printing, a bad day 3-31-99
Printing, leaving reasons11-1-00
Print shops

new Pastel magazine journal
Printing, HP722c 7-98
Poetry, written on 40th birthday journal
progressive photos of paintings journal
___see also journal
public sketching, 8-10-01
Puyallup Fair, my painting demo journal



registry errors 1-13-02
religious friends 4-27-02
reunited climbing team 7-14-03
ripped off by a scam artist journal
rollerblades, lighted wheels 4-26-99


Salmon Beach 3-23-02
sailing 4-12-04
saved a life 1-13-02
scary haircut
scholarship 4 son 4-18-04
self esteem 8-25-99
ski pole baskets 1-1-03
skunk, camping 7-28-99
son graduates 6-14-04
snow at home 1-6-04
space shuttle 2-1-03
survey, web design client
staring at 50 6-20-03
studio painting, finishing for the crowds journal
Printing jokes Strick laws


teaching drawing 10-17-03
teaching versus bluecollar work 1-30-05
teaching, overtime 3-25-04
teenagers, dealing with stubbornness 7-4-99
trackball, precision 12-9-00
truck, my first 7-26-04
TV, I'm filmed for 1-28-03


Uncle Ed 9-11-99
unemployed, family stress 1-17-02
used car shopping 4-7-03


Voices from the past, journal


Wacom tablet, 8-22-01
want versus need 12-21-05
watercolor, love hate relationship, painting
wedding, parent's 50th 7-12-99
white line warning 1-13-01




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