weekend in Leavenworth 6-21-2008

Christine, Fletch and I (and two cameras)

I spent 4 days in Leavenworth between spring and summer quarters with my wife Sue. When she got tired of climbing, I hooked up with Fletch and Christine for another couple days to round out the week. These are pictures from the trip.

Fletch and I at the Prime Rib belay up Icicle Canyon

Christine at the infamous Midway Step Across. "What do you mean this is only 5.4?"

Fletch belaying at the Midway Step across (Castle Rock)

Christine eating lunch with a nut pick.

Fletch waltzing up the South Face of Jello Tower 5.8+

South Face Jello Tower

a sweet 5.8 at Keene Acres, Icicle Canyon


Christine and I, the heel hook

Christine topping out on Prime Rib

The view from Prime Rib

Top of Heart of Gold

Christine belaying Fletch on Heart of Gold

Me leading Angel (10a) on Fletches gear.


Christine following Angel



Fletch leading Angel


Christine topping out on Midway Direct, Castle Rock

Christine following Fletch up South Face, Jello