Here is my heavy duty case for my Droid RAZR. This first case has metal on both sides and is probably bulletproof. It is one sixteenth thick aluminum. The screws are stainless steel. The RAZR is in an Otterbox case it gets dropped outside of the metal case. This is the back of the case. The belt loop is riveted on, and you have to thread your belt through...which means the case won't accidentally detach. The screws mean it is adjustable for tension as the foam padding wears down over time. Here is the back and front shown together from the inside, the padding has a durable fabric over the foam front and back case covers together After I made the screw based case, I realized it was overkill and started on a smaller one. This one will be sewed together like a custom built shoe. This shot shows the thickness of the aluminum as compared to a quarter. Each hole is countersunk so it doesn't cut the wire stitching. For the side of the case that is up against your body, I figured I could use leather since the phone is already in a plastic Otterbox. I sewed a belt loop attachment to the leather, and have spaced out the holes at one pica width apart. Note the leather leaves the camera uncovered. The leather does not cover the entire phone at the top I sewed the bottom on first, from the middle holes outward using gold wire that I found in a bead store (Michaels). I sew with wire because it is more durable than thead, and makes it's own needle. Here is the wire. I pull it tight with plyers, and double stitch...meaning I go through each hole twice. I sewed the first side from the top down, meeting the finished bottom stitching and left the corner cut unsewn. Starting to look good about now. I love this handwork. I'm realizing now that I cut the leather too small. I measured it without the foam...smack self on forehead The screw based case, and the leather case together. The phone wouldn't fit. I stuck some peices of wood inside the leather to stretch it out, soaked it in water and then massaged it with leather softener (mink oil) After stretching all night with a wood jig inside, the phone fit perfectly. The finished case. Small enough to fit in my pocket. Time about 10 hours.