Canon 50D, body only, original owner

$670 OBO.

I have the receipt from B&H, manual, everything that came in the box plus 3 extra batterys.

I bought this camera from B&H about 2 years ago. It works awesome. You can see the pictures I've taken with it on my climbing page, and on this page of macro water drop photos.

There are two minor areas where the paint has worn off through normal use. See the photos below. It looks really clean and nice to me, but in the macro photos you can see the dust. I thought about vacuuming it and doing a real detailing job...but, nah. This camera is real. I've mostly used this camera while out rock climbing. I always carry it in a padded camera bag, it's never been in a fall, bumped, or dropped. I baby my gear.

I usually only shoot it when I take a vacation, or go out on a weekend adventure. It has a shutter count of 9300 images. It's predicted to go to 100,000, so, it's still in grade school :-)

The review is here on

This camera is built like a tank. Unlike the Rebel series, or even the 60D, this camera has a magnesium body. You can see the metal in the two minor wear spots. It's a bit heavier than those cameras, but the payoff is in durability. I love things that last, and this is built for the long haul. I did read that you can load the magiclantern firmware to make it shoot video, but I did not try it as it seems a bit scary.

I love this camera and had planned on keeping it for 20 years, but my boss has asked me to learn how to shoot, edit, and teach video in the community college where I work. For that, I need to find the money to buy either the 7D, or the 5D wife won't let me have two cameras...sigh.

I shot these photos with a borrowed T1i and a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro. The T1i is a little plastic toy compared to my Canon 50d, and you can see the noise in these photos from the T1i. My 50D does not have noticeable noise at 400 ISO. I have shot perfectly useable photos at 1200 ISO.

If you want to buy this camera I can bring my laptop and we can do some test shoots, then view the images on the laptop. This camera works perfectly, I will miss it.

Canon 50D. It has a shutter count of 9300 images. It's predicted to go to 100,000, so, it's still in grade school :-) The review is here on


Here you can see where the paint has worn off down to the magnesium metal body. You can also see the protective plastic smartphone film I put over the upper LCD. You can pull it off if you don't like it.

You can see protective glass cover on the main LCD in this shot.

Here you can see the very slight wear pattern at the edge of the pop up flash. There is a tiny bit of metal showing through the paint from 2 years of use.

The wear spot, and the protective plastic film on the upper LCD are visible here.

Back view. I bought the $50 Giotto LCD protector. It's a thin sheet of shatter proof glass that is "glued" over the top of the LCD. It's been on since I bought the camera from B&H, so I know the LCD underneath is flawless. You can pull it off if you heat it with a hair dryer. This camera does have "live view", but I never use it, preferring to focus through the viewfinder.

Side view. I had a gardenstick taped to the side one time while shooting macro. I need to clean that tape glue residue off.

Isn't this thing beautiful?


Unlike the Rebel series, this camera has the magnesium metal body and weather sealing. It's never been in a rainstorm, or water, but it's nice to know it can handle some rain.


I've got everything that came with the camera, including the box, charger, batteries, cables, receipt and manuals. I've added three extra batteries. One battery will last you a week of vacation shooting, if you stay off the LCD.


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